About BEV

I established Byrd Eye View in 1996. My goal has always been to operate my own business, and I wanted to somehow incorporate my family name into my business name. Before the name Byrd Eye View, my business name was Byrd Nest. I was still a student at Atlanta College of Art then and I thought I knew it all. I had Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Package Design, Photography, Wed Design and Video Editing all listed on my business card. I was very ambitious and overly optimistic, as usually. I really didn't have a clue what I was doing, but I managed to work with some great clients and produce some good work. Music is a huge source of inspiration for me and as I were working late one night I was listening to Xzibit’s first album,  and a track featuring Tha Alkaholiks and Hurricane G produced by DITC called Bird’s Eye View caught my attention. I loved the hook and I used to bang that song over and over. At that moment I changed my business name to Byrd Eye View.

Now operating as Byrd Eye View, I narrowed by services to just Graphic Design and Fine Art. This allowed me to focus and master my craft.

I spend the next several years taking on numerous changeling jobs. I worked as an Art director for a Hispanic magazine, worked as an industrial designer, creating environmental graphics and wayfinding plans for clients like Miami Dade Airport, Dubai International Airport and the city of Birmingham, Michigan. I took on multiple photography gigs, produced corporate videos for companies like Worldpay, several corporate re-brands, numerous graphic design contracts from small and mid-sized business. I also started a Direct Mail Marketing company that mailed to 15,000 homes quarterly in Woodstock, GA. I advertised for Johnny’s Pizza, Schlotzsky's Deli, Meineke, Roly Poly, Sony Pictures and Walt Disney studios. I've had several Art exhibits. I've shown paintings at the Wichita Arts Center, Woodruff Arts Center, MOCA GA, APEX Museum, Black Arts Exchange, Kama, Starbucks Midtown, RoomScapes gallery, several art festivals, including Art in the Park and more.

...and now I’m officially in the screen print business. I feel that everything I’ve learned up to now has all been to prepare me for screen printing.
— EuGene Byrd

I managed to acquire a diverse list of skill sets that helped me to be a successful graphic designer and artist. But I've always thought of my design and Art as two separate things. Screen printing has allowed me to bridge the gap. I’ve always been interested in screen printing but it just seemed too distinct. Then I was motivated to seriously give screen printing another look. I became somewhat obsessed. I watched hundreds of YouTube videos, I read several books. Then I studied the equipment and made several pieces of equipment myself, and I purchased a few others. I spend several months just learning and now I’m officially in the screen print business. I feel that everything I've learned up to now has all been to prepare me for screen printing.

Byrd Eye View has always just been me, but I wanted to share the excitement. Byrd Eye View is named after my family’s name and my family is full of artists in their own way. So I thought Byrd Eye View should be a family business.

Byrd Eye View is me, EuGene V Byrd III, Danyell Tiffany Byrd, Honor Kristianna and Ella Byrd. We are Byrd Eye View and we are excited to share our Art with you, and all out products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.