We are an independent, small sized agency. Our people, a diverse mix of strategic, creative and client talents, are chosen for their differences not their similarities. There is no such thing as a typical Byrd Eye View person; just a collective desire to provide extraordinary strategic and creative brand thinking and a belief that truth sells.

For over fifteen years we have been working with ambitious clients who want to harness the power of creativity to grow their brands. Our work has delivered outstanding commercial success for them and has won us the trust and respect of our clients


EuGene V Byrd

Owner and founder of Byrd Eye View. Over 15 years corporate design experience. EuGene has worked Professional as a Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Creative Designer. EuGene has a BFA from SCAD.


Miya Bailey

Miya Bailey is a visionary and humanitarian out to change the way the world views art. Miya is a partner of BEV, and serves as art director. Miya has maintained successful businesses in Atlanta for over 10 years.


Omega Ruth

Omega L. Ruth, Jr. is an award winning  photographer, videographer and studio artist. Omega hopes to bring a perspective that will encourage patrons to take a second look as they rethink what beauty truly represents. When Omega chooses his subjects he looks for the cosmic, the  avant-garde and the originality in each personality.